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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Big Sexy's Home run!

Now that the all-star game is done and baseball goes into to a break I can’t help but reflect on what if there was a pitcher's homer run derby.  Watching Giancarlo Stanton win the home run derby hitting absolute bombs was great to see.  All of it took place in Sandiego California in the beautiful Petco Park, The same ball park that my man “Big sexy” Bartolo Colon hit his first career home run. On May 7th, 2016 at the same ballpark 41-year-old Bartolo Colon a pitcher for the Metropolitans crushed his first ever home run. 

 His first career home run is a great moment in sports. For not only was Bartolo, a pitcher, but he is a little on the heavy side hence the name Mets fans have given him “Big Sexy”, Because of his physique, every at bat is joined with cheers and a moment we look forward to. Every at-bat has been a moment whether it is his helmet popping off, him running the bases and his helmet popping off or him getting a hit! Seeing this shot on television is by far one of my favorite moment in sports this year. The 7 line army was present for this game; I wanted to go so bad would witness something great live. You don’t have to have a muscular physique to play the game you just need the heart and determination.  I share this clip with all of you to relive the moment. What a great event it would be to watch pitchers home run derby! Enjoy baseball will be back Friday, LETS GO METS!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top 5 Mets Players from 80's - today

In all of Mets history, there have been players that have risen to the occasion giving us fans exciting moments. The team does not have as much success like other baseball clubs, but the Mets have had their fair share of great moments due to great athletes.  The Mets have had their share of players that are the cause of our love for them.  The five men on this list are my personal top 5 players that have excited me and has made me believe.  I have been a fan since 1984, so these are players in my era. There are many, but these are my Top 5.

Reyes Return
5) Jose Reyes: Jose Reyes is by far the player that has excited the Mets fan base more than any other player.  He was fast, energetic and always with a smile on his face. Reyes left the team he started his career with for a bigger contract. He was never offered one from the Mets for they could not provide a huge deal due to financial issues. Reyes took a deal that no one would refuse. Reyes signed with the Miami Marlins where his stint was short-lived for he was traded to the Blue Jays and then to the Rockies. In Colorado, he was released by the team for injuries, and off the field trouble due to a domestic dispute with his wife. The Athlete was given a second chance with the team he started with and is now in the process of coming back to the Mets! Let’s us hope he brings the fire to this team once more. Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose Joseeeeee!

The team Captain David Wright
4)  David Wright: David is the longest tenured Met in history. His Love of the team and his class has made him a beloved player by all. He is the Team’s captain and chose to be on the team when the team was not playing very well at all.  David Wright has been plagued by injuries and is suffering from a back problem stenosis. Currently in the 2016 season, David is now recovering from surgery for a  herniated disk in his neck.  David may return at the end of the season, although many wonders if maybe this is the last we will see of Wright and he may be forced into early retirement. We can only pray that he would come back stronger.
Hall of Famer 2016 

3)   Mike Piazza:  Piazza is our second legend after The great Tom Seaver. When the Mets signed him, in a deal with the Marlins in 1998, he instantly changed the franchise. Made the Mets relevant again since the 80’s where the Mets owned New York City. The team became contenders and made it to the post-season two years in a row. Even as far as the World Series in 2000 against the Other New York team, not a good outcome for the fans of the orange and blue. Mike Piazza will be inducted into the baseball hall of fame at the end of July for being the best hitting catcher in history. Piazza will be the second player ever to be inducted with a Mets uniform.

Darryl Strawberry knocking home runs
2) Darryl Strawberry: The big man Darryl Strawberry. He hit multiple home runs every time I watched him play bringing me to jump and scream. He was fast, and he took no crap from anyone. Sadly another great star that ran into trouble off the field and also went to that “other” NY team and helped them win it all in 96. The Bronx team can thank the Mets for that your welcome!! Darryl has the most home runs in team history and is one of those players that will always remain in the hearts of all Mets fans.

Docter K 
1) Dwight Gooden:  AKA D.r K  or Doc the man responsible for my love of the New York Mets and the reason that this blog exists. Dwight Gooden hit the scene in baseball when I was seven years old. Back then I didn't know much about baseball or what team to pledge my allegiance to, but seeing him pitch did it. Hearing the sound of that glove when he threw a 103 mph curveball was magic. I wanted to be a pitcher the minute I saw him pitch, my baseball passion began with him. I wanted to play baseball every day, I wore nothing but orange and blue and became a fanatic. Dwight would’ve been a Hall of Famer and one of the greats if it was not for his constant battle with drugs.  He was released from the team and got a second chance by that other NY team and helped them to win their first championship in 16 years. I cheered him on even in that other team for he is the reason I love this game so much. Watching him pitch and striking out everyone, and win it all in 86 is a memory that I will never forget.   

    Many great players have come and gone, and they are much more to be named especially some before my time, however, none have impacted this fan as these five men. These players made me the fan that I am today, and I'm sure helped to create many others. We don’t have a great history and are not considered the best franchise in sports but I as a Mets fan personally feel that Mets fans are one of the best sports fan bases in the world. That’s right I said it. LET’S GO METS!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tips Visiting Citi Field

Going to Citi-field and experiencing a baseball game live is an excellent experience and you don’t have to break the bank in the process. Here are some tips that I came up with after many years if visiting Citi-Field. It is important to note that every stadium has its policies and regulations, and my list is unique to Citi –Field.

Tips to Save Money

Ø  Buy tickets online never purchase at the ballpark. The stadium does not honor online promotions.
Ø  Find free Street parking. From 114th Street to 108th Street going west and from 34th Ave. To 45th Ave. Going south. This perimeter is the closest to Citi-field and allows a clear walk to the stadium through Roosevelt Avenue.  
Ø  Bring your food. Citi-field allows outside food as long as they can see through the Tupperware and all purchased drinks items are sealed. No glass bottles or hard-sided coolers are allowed.  
Ø  Bring a water bottle.  Water is $5 at the park, and a single person at a hot game can drink a lot of water. It is a good idea to bring in an empty transparent sports bottle. You can ask the concessions staff for ice and water, and they are happy to oblige. You can also fill up at a water fountain to stay hydrated.
Ø  Purchase kids meal. If you are attending a game with children and opt to purchase food at the stadium, the kid’s meal is a good deal. Located by “Kiddie Field”, the meal includes a hot dog, popcorn, drink and a prize for $7. Considering that hot dogs alone cost $5.50, it’s a pretty good deal.
Ø  Do not buy Merchandise.Resist the temptation to purchase merchandise at the stadium. Most if not all Mets merchandise can be purchased online or through other sporting goods stores for a fraction of the price. No matter how excited you get at the game, the savvy thing to do is to take a picture of the item and look for it online.

Helpful tips

  Ø  Get to the stadium early! The earlier you arrive, the shorter lines will be and if there is a "giveaway” you are guaranteed to receive one.
  Ø  Enjoy picnic area right outside Citi-Field. There is a grassy area along the parking lot perfect for tailgating before and after the game (if you choose to use stadium parking). The best area is along the Roosevelt street fences closest to the seven train stop. The area is not limited to those who park in the lot. However, it does pose a practicality issue of where to leave your stuff once it’s time to enter the stadium.
  Ø  Mass transit is best, but if you are like me and prefer to drive, take the Triboro Bridge if you are coming from Westchester or NYC. To avoid traffic get out at La Guardia parking exit off 94th Street then drive through local streets to get to Citi-Field. Getting off in this exit can shave 30-60 minutes off your trip.  
  Ø  Avoid the left Shake Shack line. There are two shake shack lines always get on the line closest to Blue Smoke. They have more registers and employees making line progress faster.
  Ø  If you are visiting with a baby, you can leave your stroller at fan assistance. Fan assistance is conveniently located on each level. I recommend the Fox woods lounge access seats when attending with kids. The 330’s section of the Excelsior level. The Excelsior level grants you access to the lounge which comes in very handy on extremely hot days, rainy days, cold days or when your child needs a change of scenery. The lounge is equipped with restrooms, concessions, bar, televisions, and air conditioning and comfortable seating. 
  Ø  Get kid’s club membership to get free tickets, kid’s merchandise, and extra stuff for kids to enjoy. Worth the $25 a year. Make sure to let a stadium employee know if it is your child’s first game. They will mail home a certificate with the child’s name and date of attendance as a keepsake.  
  Ø  Comfortable seats at the game: Citi-Field has many wheelchair user accessible sections that are often not used. If you get to the stadium early and have a stroller or small child, you can be granted permission to sit in these areas and enjoy the game without disturbing your section.
     These are just a few things I have picked up over the years, and they may not work for everyone; however, the most important aspect is to know that you can have a great experience at the ballpark no matter your budget. See you at a ball game! LETS GO METS!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Citi Field Review

Every year my family and I take a road trip to different baseball Stadiums across the United States. There are 30 baseball teams total, and we just visited our 10th ballpark this summer. We have much more stadiums to visit, however, the home of the Mets, Citi-Field is our home. Here is a quick review of what to expect if you are planning a visit to Citi-Field. Although Citi-Field is primarily a baseball stadium it is also a venue used for concerts, shows and other sporting events, like soccer.
“Meet the Mets” is the traditional song of the Mets, and there is one verse of the song that couldn’t be truer, “bring your kiddies bring your wife, guaranteed you’ll have the time of your life.”  Citi-Field has gone to great lengths to cater to the entire family offering amenities for men, women and children alike. The many kid’s activities include “kiddie Field”, where kids can practice their fielding and batting skills. There is a batting cage for both adults and children as well as kiosks with the latest baseball video games. Also, the dunking booth is open to children as well. Attendants are always magnificent about allowing children to stand closer to the target and giving extra tries. There are team stores dedicated to kid’s apparel and merchandise as well as concessions specifically designed for children’s appetite. The various children’s activities also feature the occasional visit from Mr. Met himself and an opportunity to pose for pictures with him. All in all, there is plenty for kids to experience and they will have the time of their lives.

Shake Shak Line 
In my visits to different ballparks I have eaten my weight in stadium food; however Citi-Field offers the best variety of food I have encountered anywhere! We are well past the days of your typical hot dogs and burgers at a game! The options include but are not limited to, filet mignon steak sandwich, Mexican Tacos, Shake Shack Burgers, Sushi Bar, Gourmet Italian Deli Sandwiches, Canadian Bacon on a Stick, and a made to order salad bar and a fruit stand to name a few! There are so many options of food that it's ridiculous! However if you are looking so save money and perhaps calories, (as I am on occasion) the stadium does allow for patrons to bring outside food into the stadium. So go ahead and pack your lunchbox with your favorites from home!

One thing all Mets fans can agree on is that the team’s performance will lead some to drink! Mets ownership has now brought in a ton of beer options. You can find international beer at the International Beer Bar. There is red and white wine choices, frozen drinks, tap and canned beer, and that’s not mentioning the various drinks offered at the bars of the various indoor restaurants and lounges. So enjoy the game and drink up, it’s a long season, just remember to drink responsibly. (Citi-Field also rewards those who sign up as “designated drivers of the game” with t-shirts, hats, and tickets.)

I have given you plenty of options to play, eat and drink, however, what about the actual game experience at Citi-Field? One word, AMAZING! Every seat is angled just right to face
Overall Citi-Field is a great baseball stadium to bring your family and friends. Whether you want to know the history of the game, shop, eat or enjoy the great game of baseball, the Mets franchise has done a great job in developing the stadium for future generations to enjoy.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit just yet, I highly recommend planning a trip to Queens to experience this great stadium for yourself. LETS GO METS!

Monday, June 20, 2016

The DH debate

One of the biggest arguments in baseball is the use of the Designated Hitter or DH. There are talks of making it a standard in all of baseball, and many baseball fans are indecisive over on the idea of it becoming a standard in both leagues. The DH position exists only in the American League and is a spot in the batting lineup where instead of the pitcher batting up, you have a player that holds a spot in the hitting lineup with a greater hitting ability. This Positions Job is just to hit when he is up; Player never takes the field. Let’s weigh in on some of the pros and cons of the DH position.


More offense in a game! With the DH position, there is a potential for a more exciting game. The DH is usually a power hitter and can increase the possibility of home runs, hits and ultimately runs in a game. Fans come to games to see these big moments and nothing is more exciting than a home run or a Grand Slam!

Aging players can extend their playing years: The way the game stands today, players often suffer injuries and while playing their designated positions on the field. Often these injuries are season ending or even career ending. The DH position requires less running and allows for refinement of hitting skills. Fielders can be reeled in to play DH and therefore extend their careers.
Pitchers can focus on their pitching: The pitcher position is physically demanding and takes a significant toll on the pitching arm. Traditionally pitchers strive to pitch at least into the 7th inning. In recent years this has proven challenging and on rare occasions is it the case. Arm injuries requiring surgeries i.e. Tommy John Surgery are commonplace in modern baseball and pitchers, and managers have to be extremely mindful of pitch counts.  With this in mind, it would be beneficial for a pitcher to focus on pitching and not on swinging the bat, base running, and sliding, etc. and risking further injury.


Tradition is imperative in baseball: Since the beginning of baseball, it has been the tradition that every player bats up. Every player should have the opportunity at bat. Major League baseball players should all possess the ability to play all positions and contribute at the plate.

Less Baseball Strategy: The pitchers spot in the lineup requires using sacrificial strategies to move the runners forward. Since pitchers aren’t traditionally great hitters, rather than striking out, they make use of the bunt. Using the bunt requires sacrificing a batter to hit a baseball gently into the playing field so that that it creates an all hands on deck scenario, for the purpose of moving players over to an extra base. The batter bunts expecting to be thrown out at first base, therefore providing the runner on third base an opportunity to score. National League is known for  “small ball,” where the ball is strategically put into play within the infield testing the abilities of the defense. Watching the defensive plays is very exciting in baseball. Small ball at times can help to uncover weaknesses in the infield players, whether in their speed, throwing and fielding prowess.
Another aspect of strategy is replacing the pitcher in a critical moment where you can make defensive and offensive substitutions in the game.  Adding a Pinch Hitter at a pivotal moment of the game, with a rested player off the bench can give the appearance of having a designated hitter.  Thus allows a designated hitter for one at bat which makes it more strategic albeit it’s only for an at bat instead of several like the DH.

The excitement of watching Pitchers get big hits! A month ago Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon, a 41-year-old on the heavy side and not exactly in athletic shape, hit his first career home run! It was an exciting and unforgettable moment. These types of surprising moments would not be possible if the DH were never implemented across baseball. Rumor has it that pitchers are asking MLB to hold a home run derby event specifically for pitchers so that they can showcase their hitting skills. I am sure that this will be very exciting to watch, and the fans will love it.

Overall these are my personal Pro’s, and Con’s to the DH position. I for one feel it should stay in the American League and not be implemented in the National League. I understand how pitchers batting up often ruin a baseball rally or lead into an inning ending when the when bases are loaded. Usually, the pitchers at bat lead to nothing in helping score runs, but sometimes it leads to great rallies of great baseball. Major league baseball right now has it set up in such a way that it gives fans different elements of the game to make it exciting.  Now that baseball has inter-league play (both Leagues get to play each other throughout the year), fans can get the best of both worlds of watching Pitchers hit or the Designated hitter.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Origin of the New York Mets


  Hello Mets fans and Sports Enthusiasts!  Many believe it or not do not know the origin of their favorite teams. I feel it is paramount to know where you come from and what you represent. Today's post is about the origin of the Mets. New York has  always been a baseball town as well as it should be. Baseball originated in New York, even though the first officially recorded game was played in New Jersey, but that is another story for another time. New York originated with  three professional baseball teams, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Giants and the Yankees. Baseball wanted to expand the game out to the west and on May 28, 1957 the owners of both the Dodgers and Giants decided to move the teams out to California.The Giants to San Francisco, and the Dodgers to Los Angeles.  This decision to move broke the hearts of many New Yorkers, for not only would this leave the Yankees as the only team in NY but it would also take away National League baseball.  National League baseball was how the form of  baseball that was first established. The American league  play under a different set of rules.  In the American League the pitcher does not have to step up to the plate to bat.  In his place they created a designated hitter who does not take the field, his job is just to hit in the spot of the pitcher.   This may be great in the offensive standpoint for pitchers don’t hit well since they focus more on their pitching and protecting their arms.  However this city started with National League ball where the game offered more strategy.  Another reason why National league baseball is revered is because traditionally every player hits and fields it’s the roosts of baseball and many feel it shouldn't have been changed.  So what does this have to do with the Mets? Let’s get to that.

The Brooklyn Dodgers were loved in Brooklyn they were called "Dem bums". They did not have great success but they had a huge fan base it was the team that broke the color barrier with Jackie Robinson.  The Giants were the first New York team and had greats like Willie Mays, who possibly the greatest player ever in my opinion. Giants, Dodger fans  hated the Yankees and rightfully so.The Yankees were the most successful team in history.  This meant the Yankees consistently beat the other teams and won the majority of championships. Imagine if your favorite team that you loved moved away leaving you with the team you despise?   The loss of the two teams left a huge void that needed to be filled.  For 5 years the Yankees were the only baseball team in New York, many states only have one, some have none. This is New York, baseball was born here and having 3 and taking away 2-- or more precisely your team can cause an uproar.  Thankfully a plan was in the works to fill the void two years after the loss of the Giants and Dodgers.

William A. Shea
In 1958 a year after the teams moved, New York Mayor Robert Wagner asked attorney William Shea to chair a committee to return the National League baseball to New York.  First they tried to move an existing Franchise to NY, such as the Neighboring teams from Pennsylvania: the Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Even going as far as Ohio to attract the Reds from Cincinnati. William Shea tried to create an expansion team but was declined by Major league baseball. He then proposed setting up a new league called the Continental league. William sought the help of Branch Rickey who was a retired, team executive and was the man responsible for breaking the  color barrier with Jackie Robinson. Branch stepped out of retirement and helped establish this new league.  In 1959 the new league was announced and Major League Baseball wasn’t happy with it the threat of another third league forced them to discuss adding expansion teams instead.  William Shea and his committee agreed and abandoned the Continental league. 4 new expansion teams were created  2 for the American League and 2 for the National League. One of those expansion teams were to be  The New York Mets a shortened form for Metropolitans. The team names purpose is to represent the Mets as a team for the entire New York Metropolitan area.  In 1962 The Mets were established and the fans of the Giants and Dodgers came together as the fan base of The New York Mets.

The name of the Metropolitans was a tribute to the Metropolitans of old of 1852, a team that went bankrupt before the formation of the Major League baseball Association. The Mets also gave tribute to the teams that left NY by taking the color blue from the Dodgers, and The orange from Giants.  The blue and orange are also the colors of the New York State flag.  The baseball cap insignia was taken from the Giants one of the oldest insignia's in baseball even older the Yankees.   The Pinstripes was added to the the uniform to  give tribute to the Yankees who made it famous. In 1962 The Mets were established under the principle owner and co-founder of the team Joan W. Payson a Philanthropist who was part owner of the Giants before they moved.  She was the first women to own and fund a baseball team without inheriting one.

Mets logo by Ray Gato
 Ray Gatto created the famous team logo that they wear on their jersey sleeve, in this logo you have inside a baseball the bridge that represents the joining of the 5 boroughs. The skyline in the background has special meaning for it has a church spire, symbolic of the churches in Brooklyn, the borough of churches. The second building from left is the Williamsburg savings bank, the tallest building in Brooklyn. Next is the Woolworth building, followed by a general view of the midtown Manhattan including the empire state building in the center. The last building on the right is the United Nations building. Making it one of the most famous logo’s in sports. Isn't it Awesome?

 The team played in the famous polo grounds in their established year of 1962 to 1964 where they moved to their new and permanent home in Corona Queens after the tear down of the polo grounds. The stadium built was named after William Shea, known as Shea Stadium for William brought National League back to New York. The stadium lasted until 2008, it was a dump but it was our dump! In 2009 the New field was completed right next door to Shea.The new state of the art stadium named after the sponsors of Citibank, calling their new park Citi-Field. Citi-field was built to look like the old Ebbets field where the Brooklyn dodgers played.  The rotunda entrance to Citi field is given tribute to Jackie Robinson.

 The Mets are beloved by New York even though they are second to the Yankees (boo) under the shadow of their success.  The Mets are known to be the real New York team, for they are a team that was created in New York for New York and by New York.  The Metropolitans represent the hard working class of New York. The team has two world championship and 5 National league pennants, two players inducted into the hall of fame. The first to establish a mascot in sports Mr. Met . The team is centered on fun, family and Friends. Although there has been bad years and nightmarish moments, one thing that can be true is that Mets fans have more passion, more love and knowledge of the game and last but not least have more FUN! until next time LETS GO METS!

                                                  - MC


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Shiver me timber Mets lose double dip

Game 1: Mets 1 PIT 3
Game 2: Mets 1 PIT 3

Ahoy matey!  Yesterday was a classic double header, two games for the price of one. Mets were visiting the Pittsburgh Pirates at the beautiful PNC Park. The weather was gorgeous but after a rained out game the day before it was time to have "all hands hoay" for some Mets baseball. The matchup was supposed to be the return of Neil Walker to his native home where he grew up and played all his career before being traded to the Mets for pitcher Jonathan Niese. Grumpy Niese bad mouthed the team throughout the offseason, and many Mets fans were looking to defeat this "scallywag" and have the team "Scuttle". Things did not pan out that way as; instead, the Pirates kicked our "dungbies." The Mets scored only one run in each game going out like "seadogs". Both games finished with the same score of 3-1! The Mets bats have quietly become "shark bait", and this team needs to "feed the fish" for the Washington Nationals who are in first place are gaining a lot of ground.

 If this team does not start to hit soon, I fear that our hitting coach will be "walking" the plank. Jonathan Niese pitched seven innings of scoreless baseball defeating his former team. I am sure he is smiling this morning after being a "son of biscuit" all winter long. The bright spot is that the Mets pitching has been superb as Steven Matz the young kid from Long Island gave up only two runs in 5 innings with eight strikeouts. Jacob Degrom, the following game, gave up three runs with nine strikeouts. Pitching was spectacular however the main issue is the lack of run support from the anemic offense. The year started off with home runs galore; however it seems relying on only the home run does not always lead to winning. Our leadoff batter hit the Home run in the first game off hitter Curtis Granderson. It proved to be the only scoring. In game two Kevin Plawecki, who couldn't hit the side of a barn, hit a single to center field scoring the only run of that game. Sigh...This team needs to loosen up maybe and "heave ho" into their offensive preparations.

         In watching the game I wanted to be "three sheets to the wind." I kept pacing back and forth arguing with my television. When the game was finally over I was left in contemplation,  I just sat on my couch wondering why this seems to happen every year. The Mets slump as a team on a yearly base, however, the Mets always get out of it, and we quickly forget.  It's like the team gets together and decides to forget how to hit. Every year we get new players, but they get infected with this strikeout virus maybe it's the zika virus from the mosquitoes out in Miami last weekend who knows.

                            "YO HO HO" but there is hope because we have "Thor" (Noah Syndergaard) on the mound tonight. Sending a Viking as a:"man-of-war" to defeat these "Buccaneers" for a win is the goal for this evening's "booty". Noah is armed with his hammer, and he will "batten down the hatches!"... let’s just pray the bats wake up because "blimey"’s pathetic. ARRRRR LETS GO METS!